Sunday, January 27, 2013

Family names for our boy

Aisling and I are expecting a baby boy in April. Our first, Carter, was named after Aisling's side of the family (Grandma's maiden name). Now it's my turn to come up with a name (or at least propose something that Ais doesn't veto.) So I was looking through names in on my side of the family from Family Search. Here's a big list of male names I found starting with myself and siblings, then going back several generation. These lists aren't comprehensive by any means, so I'm sorry to the many people I missed.

Personal favorites....Theodorn, Mahlon, Drake, Wilmont, Milton, VanCannon, Dunbar. I joke about naming our boy after these guys but Aisling doesn't appreciate it much.


Bryan Thomas
David Keith
David Lawrence
Craig Norman
Nathaniel Keith

Wilson Side
Norman Floyd
Irving Raymond
Byron Percy
Theodorn, William, Samuel, Mahlon, Edmund, Drake, Wilmont, Thomas Francis,
Murray Lester, Solomon, Arthur, Charles
John Henry
Edward John

Garner Side
Thomas Harold
Milton Worth
Richard Clarkson
Edwin Orin
Levi, Philip, Branson, Peter, Aaron, Elisha, VanCannon, Dunbar, John
Richard Ivans


Kara said...

I like Bentley ;D

You should name him Byron. That wouldn't be confusing at all!

Don't forget the Nicholls middle name Sarcott! Aunt Betty HATES that name.

Ivins is the spelling for Ivins :) ---like the city in Southern Utah that's named after our Great-great cousin. (Technically, great-great grandmother's half brother.)

Karen said...

not Floyd or Percy & just watch what the initials spell

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