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Joseph C Bentley Home

I meant to write all of these entries from the Bentley Reunion ages ago.  The family history class that I'm taking has reminded me that I want to get this information down and available, even if it's late!

Here's a little about the Joseph Bentley home at 76 W Tabernacle in St George --

Joseph C. Bentley moved with his parents to St George at the age of 5, (see the previous post on his father Richard Bentley).  This home was actually built by his brother William who sold it to Joseph upon completion.  It is directly next door to the his father's home, sharing the red brick drive you see on the left.  Both homes are directly across the street from the beautiful St George Tabernacle, which had just been completed at the time of the home's construction. The home is also part of the current day Green Gate Village Bed and Breakfast.

At the age of 20, Joseph served a mission to Great Britain (1879-1881).  Upon his return, he sometimes worked as telegraph operator in the telegraph office behind the Brigham Young home (across from Israel & Julie Ivin's home).  A few years later, Julie Ivins asked Joseph if he would teach her daughter Margaret telegraphy.  Joseph agreed.  Maggie, though almost 9 years younger, was reported to be mature for her age and an apt student.  Their relationship developed into a romance, and Joseph would often walk Maggie home from their lessons.

In 1885, Maggie was hired as a teacher in Pine Valley, 35 miles north.  She frequently visited the Pine Valley telegraph office, where she was able to send messages to a certain telegraph operator in St George. (They courted via text messaging!) The story was told-- on one occasion, Maggie messaged Joseph to notify her brother to come pick her up for a weekend at home.  Joseph did not relay the message, but came to retrieve her himself!

Joseph and Margaret were married in the St. George temple the following June.  Their first three children were born in this home before the family left for Colonial Juarez when the third, baby Charles, was just a few weeks old. (1892)

Joseph Bentley sold this home in 1908, after apparently deciding they would be staying in Mexico.

A little more about Maggie-- she was known as an artist by nature.  She painted well and was an accomplished musician.