The Immediate Wilson-Garner Family.

In this blog, there's stuff about the Wilson's and stuff about Garner's. This page is about the LINK between the two. Meet the Keith and Ada Wilson family.

(2010 at Lake Tahoe)

David Keith Wilson (Keith)
Ada Sue Wilson
Kara Ann Wilson
David Lawrence Wilson
Jennifer Kanoelani Wilson (Jeni)
Bryan Thomas Wilson
Craig Norman Wilson
Heather Suzanne Wilson (Suzie)
Nathaniel Keith Wilson (Nathan)
Emily Honor Wilson

Several of the kids are married now with families of their own, so we'll include their families as well. (Can't keep these family things under control! They just keep growing!)

Kara & Kelly Petterson + Brigham and _____
David & Leslie Wilson + Madeline, Kyle, Caleb, and _____
Jeni & Nathaniel Gaskin + Evelyn and Elijah (Eli)
Bryan & Aisling Wilson + Carter