Monday, August 20, 2012


At our last family reunion (earlier this month), I got a bunch of photos from my Mom that she had hunted down and scanned several years earlier. If I'm not mistaken, these are mostly photos of the Bentley's (my grandma on my mother's side).  These are priceless! They are stored on the Wilson Garner google+ photo album. 

Access them by clicking here or through the Family Photo Albums link on the sidebar.

PLEASE, feel free to send family photos that you'd like to add to! The more the merrier!



1voice said...

Bryan, in looking at these, we are finding that the descriptions no longer match up with the correct photo! Somehow they are all tangled up. So don't believe everything you read! :) The job of fixing that is something I can't do right now. Sorry!

Mom ---Ada

Wilson Garner said...

You're right. We noticed that too last night. Don't have a clue how that could have happened. I'll take a quick look into it.

Wilson Garner said...

On each photo there is a FileName and then a Title/Caption. The FileNames are all correct, but the Captions are mixed up. They're even mixed up on my hard drive. We'll see when I get around to fixing them.

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