Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ivins Home

This is the Israel Ivins home at 187 North 100 West, directly across the street from Brigham Young's winter home. Israel Ivins, his wives Anna Lowrie and Julia Hill (our great-great-great grandmother) and children entered the valley in 1861 (reportedly the second or third wagon to arrive).  He got straight to work surveying the valley and laying out land lots.  A short time later, lots were assigned to families by a drawing and Israel eventually built this home on his lot.

The home was most recently remodled to accommodate an attorney's office.  During the remodle, they found an abnormal panel in an upstairs bedroom.  They removed the plastering and discovered a small door into a windowless attic space that still held a single bed and a small desk with two books on it (the Book of Mormon and the complete works of Shakespeare).  The room was used as a place of hiding for Israel from federal agents looking for men with plural wives.  This is probably one of the reasons he was never imprisoned for practicing polygamy.

I took a few other pictures of the interior of the home, but it pretty much looks like an office now.


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